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Step 1 Luma Repair

Do you want to get rid of those aging signs? Women hate all those wrinkles, fine lines and other aging signs. This is the most disappointing his when you are growing old.  As we age our skin starts to lose its elasticity and years of sun exposure is responsible for skin damage. You can use those normal anti aging creams available in market but they will just help you hide the wrinkles and hiding them is not enough. You can get rid these signs if you use Luma Repair.

This is an amazing anti aging serum that helps diminish aging signs and you get a younger looking skin naturally.


Discover facts about the Product

This serum instantly smoothens your skin and you see difference from the first day. Your ill notice your skin is less dry and livelier. Luma Repair has Botox that works by solidify muscles contractions. This serum is created under expert supervision by well known scientists and dermatologists. This is an amazing way to supply more oxygen to skin cells that improves the condition of damaged cells. This helps improve collagen production and gives you tight and younger skin. You feel more confident when you have young and healthy skin.

Here are the benefits you get form this Anti-Aging Serum!

  • This will help you reduce wrinkles, furrow lines and crow feet
  • A simple and easy way to get rid of saggy skin
  • Improve collagen production and tightens the skin naturally
  • Helps reduce wrinkles up to 52%
  • Smoothens fine lines by 82%

Luma Repair is a scientifically proven formula to reduce wrinkles and other signs. This is a dermatologist’s recommended serum for faster results.

How to use this Serum!

This is very easy to apply just like any other cream.

  • Wash your face with a mild face wash or soap and clean off your make up
  • Pat dry your skin and apply little amount of this serum on your wrinkles
  • Let the skin Absorb the serum. Use it regularly the same way to get maximum benefits

Check out the Ingredients of this Serum!

  • Collagen – This gives your skin youthful appearance and stimulates collagen production in skin and repair damage
  • Apple and Stem Cells – They work as messengers that tells you skin to repair itself
  • Hyaluronic Molecules – Heal damaged cells and makes you look 2 years younger than your real age

This is a safe serum that helps reduce aging signs. Now you are a step closer to look younger and beautiful.


Step2 – Luma Hydrate

Now you know how to diminish those stubborn wrinkles and get a younger looking skin. But you also need something that can help you keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. Normal hydrating creams just keeps skin hydrate for few hours and them aging you have to apply it which is really irritating but LUMA HYDRATE is an anti-aging moisturizer that provides you long-lastingresults.

This is the best way to moisturize you skin and it also helps cure skin dryness.

Little about this Moisturizer!

This is an advanced moisturizer which is especially created for the ladies who are in their 30’s 40’s, and 50’s. It helps you get a younger looking skin naturally. There are so many amazing ingredients that helps improve skin condition and gives you smoother skin. You will get amazing results if you use Luma Hydrate regularly with Luma Repair.

Benefits you get form this!

  • Younger looking skin
  • Smoother and wrinkle free skin
  • Hydrates and moisturize skin and keeps it healthy or a long time

There are so many ingredients in Luma Hydrate like Matrikine Stimulant, Hyaluronic and collagen that help repair skin naturally.

Where to Buy?

You can get them online, check out their respective websites for more information and get a free sample.


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